Are Garmont T8 NFS Good For Rucking?

For over 20 years, I have enjoyed rucking with a lightweight, fast-drying, tough pair of boots.

Garmont t8 NFS has been the staple of the military up to date, and I remember everyone wore them and loved them through the years I was in service.

The Garmont t8 NFS tactical boot is a multi-terrain boot that will offer maximum comfort, durability, protection, and safety even under bulky loads.

The boots are suitable for both dry and moist climates, thanks to the Vibram technology, which ensures the shoes have durable exterior and high-performance levels.

At the production level, the Garmont t8 NFS boots are made using the best materials and advanced technology.

Being lightweight, easy to dry, and waterproof, the tactical boot will protect you even in challenging conditions.

Indeed, it’s a perfect choice for missions that require plenty of walking and long-standing periods.

In this post, I’ll tell you why Garmont t8 NFS is a perfect choice and help you understand why you should own a pair of these boots.

Why is Garmont t8 NFS Good for You?

To start you off, here are several pros of Garmont t8 NFS and a few cons that you should know:


  • Very durable construction
  • Comfortable toe box
  • Dry very fast
  • Sticky and sturdy soles
  • Excellent ankle support
  • Quite light for their size


  • A bit tough to break-in
  • Heels rub a bit for the first 30 miles
  • Hard foot sole

The Garmont t8 NFS is an excellent backpacking boot that will keep your ankles safe and hiking energy up.

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I bought mine at a military surplus store some years ago, and I can comfortably say they have never disappointed me.

I strongly vouch for these boots, especially their durable construction and amazing foot support.

These boots provide sufficient room to stretch your toes but still are sufficient to squeeze your toes, keeping your feet stationary and secure.

I have always loved outdoor fun activities, and recently I have been on several backpacking trips in my Garmont t8 NFS boots.

I hiked more than 100 miles in these boots last summer. From my experience, these boots have outperformed all other boots I have owned in the past.

Ever since I got my Garmont T8s, I have abused them. They have been to combat zones, hiking, camping, and everyday wear and are still alive.

They’re even my favorite motorcycle riding boots.

The comfort level that comes with these boots is amazing.

Despite having them for years, I feel like they are still new and can survive more years in the jungle.

You should get a pair of Garmont T8s when you can.

The first benefit of wearing these boots is that they will offer you amazing ventilation.

The boots have high-quality compression hiking socks that will leave your feet dry even when the environment is hot.

Secondly, the foot soles are made like tank treads.

Thanks to the company’s famous tank-tread-inspired designs, the boots offer a lot of traction on different surfaces.

The Garmont T8 will offer you plenty of room for your finger toes.

I have long toes, but my boots still give me room to wiggle and stretch my toes, and the mid-foot section never gets compromised.

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Despite having enough room for stretching, I have never felt like my feet are loose in the boot in a single day.

Additionally, my ankles also feel extremely secure, thanks to the boot’s high clearance.

I recommend the Garmont T8s for enthusiastic backpackers that are looking for ultralight footwear.

The boots are light, sturdy, quick-drying, and comfortable.

You can wear them during winter or go for a hike in summer, and your feet will remain warm and dry throughout.

I say this because I have hiked through dirt, snow, gravel, hard rocks, fallen trees, rivers, and even to the top of mountains in my boots, and never have they disappointed me.

Unfortunately, on the negative side, the Garmont T8 has a stiff heel, so it rubs for the first 30 miles before breaking in.

However, after the 30 miles, the boots become formed to the feet and start feeling comfortable.

There are also claims that the Garmont T8s aren’t entirely waterproof but fortunately, they dry quickly.

So, even if you step into a river and your boots get filled with water, they will dry up within 15 to 20 minutes.


So the answer to the question “are Garmont T8 NFS good for rucking?” is yes, Garmont T8 NFS are perfect for rucking.

As I explained in this post, these boots will provide you with various features that guarantee:

  1. Stability
  2. Great speed
  3. Performance efficiency
  4. Comfort

If you’re in search of some new boots, then go for Garmont T8 NFS, and you won’t regret the choice.

Garmont T8 NFS is a solid choice that will satisfy your rucking needs!