How to do Rucking with Kettlebell

I have appreciated various survival methods and military gear. I actually have plenty of them in my collection. You ought to be fully fit to be able to face any diversities.

This has always been my motto. It is why I fully embrace rucking.

Rucking can be done with a kettlebell to enhance the intensity of the exercise. You will learn tactics that guide you on how to do rucking with a kettlebell.

The article will provide insights to show you methods of rucking with the kettlebell in various ways.

You will need the following:

  • Kettlebell
  • Open walking area

Various methods to do rucking with kettlebell include:

  • Rucking using the farmer’s walk method
  • Rucking with kettlebell suitcase carry method
  • Rucking using overhead kettlebell walking lunge
  • Rucking using kettlebell rack walk

Steps on how to ruck using farmer’s walk method:

  • Select the appropriately weighted kettlebells and place them on the floor on both sides of your body.
  • Reach for them, bend at the hip and knees and grasp the kettlebells.
  • Deadlift them up by extending your hips and knees while your spine remains neutral to avoid injuries
  • Hold the kettlebells at your side firmly and keep your shoulders, back and core tight while standing tall.
  • Initiate the movement by walking forward at an even pace focusing straight ahead.
  • Complete the desired distance, and on completion, place the kettlebells down while keeping a tight core and neutral spine.
  • The exercise can be repeated after resting for around 3 minutes as you continue rucking
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Steps on how to ruck using the kettlebell suitcase carry method:

  • Find a kettlebell as heavy as a suitcase, approximately 25-30 pounds.
  • Stand next to it and use the deadlift stance (chest up, hips back, core tight) and life the kettlebell off the floor.
  • Keep your glutes tight and your back straight.
  • Keep shoulders and hips level while walking with the kettlebell glued to your side.
  • It is important to limit lateral movement
  • Switch arms and repeat the process

Steps on how to ruck using overhead kettlebell walking lunge:

  • Keep feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bend your knees, squat down and lift the kettlebell to the chest with your left hand. Return to standing while pushing through your heels and press the kettlebell overhead. Keep the weight aligned with the shoulder joint and your arm close to the ear.
  • Step forward with your right foot as you maintain your weight in the heel of your front foot. Do this while lowering your back knee towards the ground. Make sure you do not lean to one side: keep your core tight, and shoulders back and down.
  • Make sure your back knee is hovering above the ground and the kettlebell is pressed overhead
  • Push off your back foot and step forward to bring your feet back together
  • Walk your lunge forward alternating the legs
  • Lower the kettlebell to your chest, switch arms, and restart the first position.

Steps on how to ruck using kettlebell rack walk:

  • Always keep your elbows low and close to your rib cage and your hands close together.
  • Lift two kettlebells into the rack position – forearms are vertical and wrists neutral (put pressure on your elbow and shoulder).
  • Stand tall with the kettlebells pulled in tight.
  • Keep shoulders level and core tight.
  • Ruck and continue with the process after covering a certain distance.
  • Beginners can try the single-arm variation while switching from arm to arm.
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Rucking provides aerobic conditioning and improves the ability to carry weight for a distance. Kettlebells make it easier and the different ways train one on how to carry weights while walking to improve their core stability.

Rucking with kettlebells is a skill that one can improve since:

  • The steps require lifting a kettlebell while walking
  • The steps require different movements that strengthen the upper body
  • The shoulder and back should be stable to maintain balance
  • Rucking can include these exercises to make you more fit.
  • Rucking with kettlebells should be done cautiously to avoid injuries and accidents as one can lose balance if they put too much pressure

Therefore, the steps and types for rucking with kettlebells explore how one can improve their fitness goals and achieve core balance.