7 Ways To Make Rucking Easier

Rucking is one of my favorite hobbies. This is because it helps me burn some excess calories in my body and also gives me that natural confidence to walk with a straight posture knowing that my back is healthy.

You might be asking yourselves why I love rucking that much yet some people consider it to be hard.

Ask yourself no more since I’m going to give you ways on how you are going to make rucking easier so that you can also enjoy it.

Here are ways of making rucking easier;

Ways To Make Rucking Easier

Using the Correct Type of Boots and Do Not Go For the Fancy Ones

Rucking does not involve flossing or impressing other rucking partners.

For this reason, you should go for The Standard-Issue boots. These boots give your feet and ankles the best support thus avoiding some uncalled for injuries.

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Wearing Good Pair of Socks and Also Have Backup Socks

This actually emphasizes having durable and moisture-wicking socks. Obviously, rucking is an activity that definitely involves sweating especially on the feet.

This, therefore, means that you will need more than one pair of socks so that you can be comfortable during your rucking experience.

Avoid Running During Your Entire Rucking Journey

Even if you find yourself being left behind during, rucking try not to run so as to catch up you’re your friends. Instead, try making longer strides.

The explanation for this is that, when you run, you are going to smack the weights on your back against your spine and this can lead to some unnecessary visits to the doctor.

Try Thinking Other Things Apart From Rucking

This is also called daydreaming. Try taking your mind out of that rucking scenario. Think of something else apart from that tiring weight on your back.

This is a psychological tactic that will go in a long in tricking your mind so as to remove that mentality to avoid early fatigue.

Have Plenty of Water and Also Some Fruits For Yourself

Since you will be dehydrated through sweating, you will need some outside source to replenish your body to enable a smooth rucking experience.

Some of the items that will be convenient in doing this are water and some juicy fruits.

These fruits might be oranges or even mangoes.
It should also be noted that you should take plenty of water before you march during marching and after you march.

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Carrying Heavier Weights Higher In The Pack

When you concentrate heavier weights on the lower part of your pack, you will definitely require a lot of effort while rucking.

These heavyweights will in the long run lead to back and knee complications.

Get the right Back Pack for rucking

A good rucking backpack depends on durability and comfort. You cannot go for a backpack that will mess up your balance during the entire rucking journey. This will definitely slow you down.

It should also have ample padding in the right places. This will make you comfortable and in turn, make you concentrate on your rucking making it easier.

Ensure That The Weight Is About 10-20 Percent of Your Body Weight

Heavy loading often causes stress on your joints and tendons. This will hinder blood flow.

This will not be very convenient having in mind that you are there to enjoy yourself and not in any competition.

Always Ensure That You Maintain an Upright Posture

This mainly is to enable you to strengthen your spinal erector muscles. If you get used to this practice you will be rucking with ease in coming rucking activities.

This is also a healthy practice since it gives your body an appealing look anytime.

Set Goals and Stop Points Along Your Journey

Aim for some specific place along your rucking route. This can be after half a mile. You can stop to have a quick breather.

This will mentally help you look at the whole rucking experience as enjoyable. You will not have a thing to complain about after that.

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Just a quick tip; the first mile is always the toughest, once you overcome this you are good for the rest of the journey.

Being Friendly During the Whole Rucking

Create conversations as you walk. This does not mean that you must only converse with your friend. You can talk with anyone who you are with at that moment.

By doing this, you will not even notice reaching your set destination. You will be amazed how a good conversation can soften your rucking experience.


I’m certain that you have taken something home that will make your rucking experience.

In summary, these are some of the ways to make rucking easier;

  1. Use the correct type of boots and do not go for the fancy ones.
  2. Wearing good pair of socks and also having backup socks.
  3. Avoid running during your entire rucking journey.
  4. Have plenty of water and also some fruits for yourself.
  5. Carrying heavier weights higher in the pack.
  6. Try thinking of other things apart from rucking.
  7. Set goals and stop points along your journey.