Is Rucking Really Good For You? (Read This First!)

Yes, rucking has been proven to have multiple benefits like improving strength, general fitness, and endurance.

These are just a few, and we will discuss them in detail in this article.

As a middle-aged woman with kids and struggling to constantly choose between fixing, making, or breaking things, sometimes it can be hard having a routine exercise to keep fit, the same time attending to kids, and managing a farmhouse.

Rucking has taught me you can do all that at once since all you need are just a few items.

They include; a bag pack, weight, and comfortable outfit; and you can engage in rucking as you manage your farmhouse, walk the dog, or take your kids to a park.

Six Benefits of Rucking

1. Rucking pairs well with other bodyweight workouts

When rucking and you feel the urge to engage in other exercises, all you need to do is take off the weight on your back and use it for other workouts.

They include; overhead presses, burpees without jumping, push-ups, and backpack rows.

You can perform such workouts at intervals, after rucking, for example, every two or four miles.

2. Rucking is good for the back and shoulder muscles

When rucking, the weight in the bag pack loads the spine; shoulders, back muscles, and the core must be engaged in bringing forth support and stability to help you move forward.

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The act of using your upper body to support the rucking weight leads to strength endurance, which equates to strengthening and conditioning your upper body.

This is the kind of injury-proof fitness you should aim at.
You can use a waist belt on the bag pack to support the weight exerted on your hips to help relieve stress on your upper body as a novice.

3. Rucking burns calories faster

Are you looking for a way to burn calories faster?
Then you are in the right place.

Rucking is a good exercise to help you lose fat and keep you in shape.

Rucking is a form of Low-Intensity Steady State workout; this means it is a low-intensity sport.

According to research, Low-Intensity Steady State workouts have a great impact, which as a result, aids in the burning of fat and weight loss.

This happens when the resistance from weight and the stress on your lower body will force your upper body to stabilize the load, which is not an easy task and requires a lot of energy.

The results will lead to burning more calories.

4. Rucking is an assurance of good posture and hip health

Are you struggling with posture and other hip conditions? Rucking is the best exercise for you.

It will help keep your posture, hips, pelvis and spinal erect.

Rucking will also help maintain stability even in old age, where most people especially women have mobility and walking issues caused by loss of muscles.

Rucking help build and maintain body muscles around your hips, back and core.

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5. Rucking works for both cardiovascular and strength

Rucking is the closest exercise to hiking.

Rucking has numerous cardiovascular advantages, including improving your blood pressure and decreasing the risks of heart diseases and conditions.

When rucking, your heart rate will increase and the longer your heart pump, the more it benefits your cardiovascular.

Your heart rate will increase depending on the weight you carry, the distance you will cover and the pace.

6. Rucking is considered social fitness

Rucking can be done anytime, meaning you can engage when you have the time. Nevertheless, most people prefer to ruck in groups.

You can join a community that is active in rucking.
Society takes social fitness lightly, but it greatly affects your mental health.

Rucking help reduces common mental health diseases like anxiety, depression and negative mood.

When rucking with friends and neighbours, you are likely not to feel alone.

This kind of fitness helps you with support and accountability.
You can also scale with weight and ruck at the same pace with a few friends and challenge yourself with an outdoor activity despite having kids and other businesses to attend.

The Bottom line

Rucking is considered an excellent fitness routine as compared to other exercises.

Especially for a middle-aged woman attending to both kids and managing a farmhouse.

Sticking to other exercises is nearly impossible if they require to be carried out under the supervision of a professional trainer and require gym equipment.

The workout has the same effects as any other exercise; for example, rucking increases strength and cardiovascular fitness.

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However, rucking has a lower impact than running and other exercises, but you still get to burn high calories.

If you are searching for a new exercise with low impact, then rucking will work perfectly for you. Just grab a pack with weight and join me.