Rucking Before And After Body Transformation (Here’s What You’ll Look Like)

Are you looking for the best cardio exercise to transform your body every time you participate? I guess you are on the right platform.

Rucking is one of the oldest exercises that entails walking with a weighted backpack. This activity is simple and one of the most underrated cardio exercises.

To participate, all you need is a good backpack. Put some weight on it, put it on your back, and start walking. That is it.

As simple as it may look, that is rucking in a nutshell. The extra weight on the back works miracles if you want to lose weight.

In this article, I will enlighten you on what your body will be like afterward when you participate in rucking.

Health Benefits of Rucking

Are you not sure that rucking is the proper workout for you? Then you should consider these five benefits and then decide.

#1 be ready to burn calories

When you walk with a heavy weight on your back, your body will increase

muscle engagement. This action demands your heart, lungs, and circulatory system to work harder. At this juncture, you will burn a lot of calories.

It will surprise you to learn when you walk alone without a hefty backpack you burn as many calories as a person who has done a slow run.

For example. a study done by a group of researchers in California State University found that when you are subjected to walk for one hour at a brisk walk pace, you will burn 350 calories.

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If you add 20, 30, 40, or more pounds on your back, expect more results.

In another study done on military personnel by NATO, the result was amazing for people who want to burn their calories.

They discovered that you expect to lose around 600 calories per hour when your rucking weighs 45 pounds and walk for 4 miles per hour on a flat round.

The more weight you carry on your bag pack, the quicker you walk and the steeper the terrain are some of the factors that will make you burn more calories when you rucking.

#2. Improve your aerobic fitness

When your body is termed as aerobic fit it is capable of taking in, transporting, and utilizing oxygen.

Many people make an assumption that to achieve aerobic fitness they must participate in activities such as cycling, rowing machine, running, and swimming.

But this is not always the case. It is good you should know that when you participate in any activity that increases your heart rate such as rucking you are good to go.

However, for better results rucking should be done for long hours and consistently the result will amaze you.

#3. Better core strength and posture

When you carry a heavy load on your back, it will force you to stabilize the weight with your core.

Nevertheless, to attain you comfort and efficiency, I would advise you to keep your torso upright as you ruck.

In case you lean forward, you will realize it becomes hard for you to breathe.

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That is why I recommend rucking for a person who wants to improve their posture.

When your body has a robust core and an improved posture, your chance of getting back pain becomes minimal.

#4. Stronger legs

When your body is walking it does not stress any muscle. That is why walking is not an effective exercise to build muscle.

However, it is a fantastic workout for people who want to lose weight.

The ball game changes when you decide to add some weight to your bag pack and start rucking.

Any extra pound on your back means that your legs must work extra harder to enable you to carry the extra weight.

Any increase in muscular trigger muscle growth. That is why frequent rucking not only strengthen your legs but also your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves become stronger.

#5. Build endurance

When strolling with a bag pack full of weight you convert every step into a heart health-boosting endurance activity. 

Jason Hartman (certified strength and conditioning specialist) in the US special forces believes “the cardio benefit of rucking is comparable to those gained from other long, slow exercises like jogging”.

Unlike jogging which has a higher rate of injury, rocking strengthens your muscle and gives them more resilient. 

Furthermore, you build your hip and postural stability.  This action makes your body to be injury-proof in all activities it undertakes.

Wrap up

Rucking is an essential military skill that is useful to your body’s transformation.

The best thing about this physical activity is there is no set time or pace. You go as far as you wish.

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But I recommend you if you are a beginner, do not push yourself harder. Just enjoy the process, and ease your body into the activity.

Sometime you will fill like your lower back, knees, and butt are weak, but that’s normal don’t worry.