Is Rucking With 100 lbs Safe? (Pros, Cons & Warnings)

Rucking not only advances your cardiovascular structure but also assists your muscles and helps improve your strength.

Slowly carrying a heavyweight of about 100 lbs will finally build up your stamina.

A challenging ruck of 100lbs will create strength and build muscles in your body hence making it safe and a good idea

Advantages and disadvantages of rucking 100lbs

Here are some of the pros and cons of lifting 100lbs:

1. Pros of rucking 100lb

Here are some of the astonishing profits that can be gained by adding rucking to your training schedule and regular workout.

  • Remarkable health benefits which come with rucking

Rucking Is like cardio for those that don’t like cardio need to run.

Carrying, a weighted rucksack has remarkable benefits which include, burning of fats and reducing weight, it is also suitable for all stages, helps in easier regaining, it is an effective technique to train for stamina sessions and is also great for recapture after a tiresome training.

Rucking is also a remarkable training that can be supplemented with any well-known training.

  • Helps in reducing the entrance barrier

Who does not like going on nature trails? If you are able to walk you will be able to ruck.

The only training gear you require is a backpack and some weights for up to 100lbs if you are able to carry them, the more weight your backpack is the more calories you’ll burn.

  • Carrying a load of almost 100lbs helps reduce weight quickly
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Rucking burns more calories than jogging. Rucking is training based on how much load you are carrying. This is the same as jogging, without jogging. Rucking for an hour can burn over 500 calories.

  • It is cheap to begin

It is free to start rucking. Find an old bag from school. Pack about 100 pounds of load and you start.

After you are self-assured that you will endure rucking as a fragment of your training schedule then the first thing, we could advise you is to get yourself a decent pair of waders and a real rucksack.

  • Essential military training

Rucking is a method to measure corporal awareness in the military. those entering the military services can count on rucksack tramps.

If you are in a situation where you are bearing in mind joining the military. begin with rucking training.

  • It is a training that substitutes cardio for those who hate participating in cardio

Rucking will give you that cardio training and you will notice you are participating in cardio training are appalling on your knee joint intersections.

Rucking help you to improve your stamina and the health benefits of jogging with less effort and unnecessary tension on your legs

  • Plateau breaker

The striking plateau is a real delinquent that people experience when they have been dynamically involved in a sport and see no transformation.

For instance, if you are exercising you may reach a point where you can’t see any variations. this is where rucking help comes in handy. rucking breaks this process and makes your body resume growth.

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2. Cons of rucking 100lbs

Some of the cons that come with carrying 100lbs include blisters, knee injuries, stressing of the backbone, nerve firmness wounds, and also ankle wounds.

All these can be evaded with correct postures and reduce your weight from 100lbs.

  • The rucking exercise results are not immediate and may take a lot of rucking with any game or exercise you will not gain the results fast. you will need persistence and put in the effort
  • Rucking training consumes a lot of time

It’s not like going to a fitness center you cannot gain with a 30-min training session of weight lifting if you are including diverse methods
The identical training cannot be used in rucking needs endurance with each training.

When observing all the diverse rucking training, for instance, you will observe that the shorter sessions are about 4hours long

Final thoughts

It is a game that has excessive health benefits on our bodies, can be done by anyone who has the ability to walk, it is also good for losing weight and is a readily available exercise with costs less to nothing to begin, however rucking is something that should be supplemented to any training system. In our opinion, its advantages overshadow the disadvantages.

That study discovered that people who participate in rucking had advanced capability notches than the cluster that did not participate in rucking to a presently ongoing exercise schedule, anyone can participate in rucking, so do not count yourself out even if the other kinds of workouts have been too hard in the former sessions.

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Rucking is intended to be easy and slowly advanced for us, regular people.

No jogging is required with your rucksack hence making it a safe exercise and can be done with both genders no matter the age and size