Is Rucking With 45 lbs Safe? (Pros, Cons & Warnings)

Rucking is the best exercise to help burn those calories and build your strength. Additionally, it is a simple exercise that you can access easily.

So, Is Rucking With 45 lbs Safe or A Bad Idea? Yes, it is safe if you have experience carrying 45lbs; it is a bad idea if you are a beginner.

With rucking experts, 45 lbs may be an easy workout since they are used to it, while for beginners, it can be risky to their health, like back pains.

Rucking with weight is a step-at-time kind of sport. You may start with 10% of body weight on day one, and you add weights gradually until your body adjust.

It is essential to listen to your body to avoid injuries due to carrying too much.

To understand better if rucking with 45lbs is safe or not safe for you, you should look at its pros and cons.

This will give you a clear picture of how carrying 45lbs could help or hurt you. Below are the pros, cons, and warnings of rucking with 45lbs.

Pros, Cons, and Warning of Rucking with 45lbs Weight

Pros of Rucking with 45lbs

Minimum Recommended Rucking Weight

An average human weighs approximately 150lbs to 200lbs; 45lbs is relatively one-third of such body weight.

An individual can carry up to a third of their body weight or more, which makes 45lbs is an average weight any individual can carry during rucking.

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If you are thinking of joining the military, you might as well think of training with 45lbs.

In the military, an individual’s gear may add up to over 45lbs. While you are training to join the military, your aim as a beginner should be at least 45lbs to have an easy time in the military.

Maintains Your Posture

If your daily job involves sitting behind a desk, you might develop posture issues. In this situation, rucking might be the remedy you need to rectify the back pains.

When venturing in rucking for such a purpose, it would be of much help if you consider 45lbs.

One of the benefits of rucking with 45lbs is it improves or maintains your posture without much strain.

45lbs is not much heavy or too light and therefore suitable to rectify your back pains.

Weights less than 45lbs may not be up to improving your back pains, while weights above it might be too heavy.

Readily Available Gear

Since rucking with 45lbs is mainly recommended, there is a wide range of manufacturing of 45lbs weight plates.

Therefore, if you are thinking of advancing from using books or sand as weight, it should not be a problem.

These are square metal weights designed explicitly for rucking, readily available with their back bags. They are relatively cheap and affordable.

Cons of Rucking with 45lbs

It May Be Limited to Some People

Rucking with weights depends on how much an individual can carry. Rucking with 45lbs might be recommended, but some people may not be able to take it. Therefore, this might only apply to people with experience in rucking.

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For military personnel, 45lbs might be an under gear, especially for individuals such as Special Forces. They carry up to 60lbs, and 45lbs might not be enough when rucking.

Rucking with 45lbs Outcomes Are Not Instant

Rucking with 45lbs might not bring the outcomes you need immediately.

This is because it might be too light for you, especially if you have been using it for a long time.

If you are in this situation, you should consider adding more weight to archive your goal.

It May Lead to Health Problems

If you are a beginner, going right away to rucking with 45lbs might cause you problems. 45lbs might be too much to carry since your body has not adjusted gradually.

If you complain about posture issues or back pains after rucking with 45lbs, you may want to consider lightening your load next time.

Warning of Rucking with 45lbs

The most common question about rucking with 45lbs is if it is safe for your back. The most straightforward answer is yes. Like any other sport, you should follow protocols to ensure your back’s safety during rucking.

Proper weight, for starters, is advisable to carry weight at least 20% of your body weight.

So, if 45lbs is more than 20% of your body weight, you should reconsider lightening your pack bag until you can carry it without any problem.

You should lean forward slightly to counter the weight of your load rucking.

If you find yourself leaning forward too much, then 45lbs is heavy for you. You may want to reduce the weight of your package to avoid back pains later.

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So, is rucking with 45lbs safe or a bad idea? Yes, it is safe for experienced individuals because their bodies are used to it. Secondly, it is a bad idea for beginners since their bodies still need adjustments.