Is Rucking With 50 lbs Safe or A Bad Idea?

Are you wondering whether rucking with 50lbs is safe or bad? It is acceptable and safe to walk with a 50lbs loaded backpack. When I first joined the army, rucking was a significant part of the training.

With time I had built strength and burnt calories. Continue reading to learn more about rucking, including its health benefits.

What is rucking?

Rucking is a low-intensity exercise involving walking or hiking with a weighted backpack for a set distance. This exercise routine is closely related to special forces and soldiers’ operations.  

The health benefit of rucking

Do you like taking a stroll with a weighted backpack regularly? Rucking offers a lot of health benefits which include;

1. Keeps your heart healthy

Unlike walking, rucking strengthens your heart rate. This form of exercise can be compared to jogging. Also, rucking improves your endurance which is a good foundation for your health.

Also, the extra resistance caused by the weight in your ruck makes your shoulders, legs, and back work the entire period the load is on your back.

This action increases your heart rate just like you have done a cardio workout. Rucking is an ideal exercise that does not destroy your knees like running and other extreme cardio exercises.

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2. It gives you strength

When you regularly carry a weighted ruck, your body becomes more robust. Rucking gives your upper and lower body adequate exercise.

The weight also creates a solid strength workout, builds strength, and gives your legs muscle. That is why people in the military have a strong back.

3. Improved posture

If you slum in your desk for long hours, you may develop Quasimodo. Rucking helps to pull your shoulders and back into the proper alignment.

As a result, rucking keeps your spine, abs, shoulders, and upper and lower back erect, giving you a good posture.

4. Rucking help the body burn calories

To calculate how many calories an individual burns when traveling for a certain distance demands you to put factors such as the weight of a person, body fitness, and the training intensity.

Nonetheless, when two people walk, the one who weighs more burns more calories.

You can exploit this fact by adding excess weight to your rucking backpack and walking a few miles with it. Rucking can help you lose more calories than running.

Essential gear for rucking

Rucking, also known as ruck marching, is simple to start. Here are the things you need to begin to ruck

#1. A solid and comfortable backpack

Before you start ruck marching, you will want to invest in a quality, well-made, and comfortable rucking back or backpack built to carry heavy weight over long distances.

The pack should be made of tough and tested abrasion, tear, and water-resistant fabric. Also, your bag’s shoulder straps and back should be cushioned for maximum comfort.

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In addition, consider a rucking pack with pockets, a waist strap, and a reinforced attachment between straps and the main bag, as it will extend its life immensely. 

#2. Rucking weight

Another necessity for rucking is a weight to load your backpack correctly. Usually, any weight can fit but picking stable weights that do not shift when you walk is ideal.

Also, loads that include the shape of Your pack will make your rucking experience more enjoyable. Start with a load weighing 10% to 20% of your weight and increase gradually.

#3. Footwear

As you ruck, you will need footwear that can provide adequate support and comfort over long distances.

Find sneakers, running shoes, or boots capable of preventing blisters, protecting your joints, and supporting your feet from chafing.

#4. Accessories

Other accessories such as reflective bands, water bottles, a headlamp, a foot care kit, and more can come in handy during your rucking adventure.

Rucking Tips

Several tips can help you get the most out of your rucking practice. They include;

  1. Start conservatively

When you start your rucking practice, it’s best to start in moderation from weight to distance you will cover. Then you can assess how you feel and work up from that starting point.

  1. Comfort is key

As you progress and increase the weight and distance, ensure you have comfortable rucking gear that supports your workout. If your footwear or backpack doesn’t provide the utmost comfort, upgrade if necessary.

  1. Increase gradually at your own pace

Increase the weight load you are packing, the distance you are covering, and your overall speed gradually at your own pace. However, before adjusting, pay attention to your body to avoid injuries.

  1. Work out with other ruckers
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Participating or joining local rucking clubs or events is an excellent way of meeting friends who practice rucking. Working out with them is a perfect way of providing yourself with positive reinforcement as you work out to build your muscle and cardio fitness.

Is Rucking with 50lbs safe or a bad idea?

Rucking is safe and provides plenty of health benefits to the ruckers. Some of the health benefits of rucking include;

  • It keeps your heart healthy
  • It gives you strength
  • Improves posture
  • Help burn calories