Is Rucking With 60 lbs Safe or A Bad Idea?

Rucking is a form of exercise that involves carrying a load on your back while walking. I love rucking because it gives you that extra surge of energy when you don’t have any weight on your back.

Rucking has been used as a form of exercise by military personnel to build resilience while out in the field. Is rucking with 60lbs safe? Yes, it is, it’s a good weight to have especially if you are looking to get fitter.

You have to try it because I have strengthened my legs, stamina, back, and core muscles while rucking 60lbs. I will explain in further detail below why it is a good idea.

Helps you Burn Calories

Imagine adding some extra weight when doing your daily routine walks. The extra weight will burn through the calories faster because you have an extra burden on your shoulders.

It is more vigorous and it is an efficient cardio exercise. If you are looking to reach your ideal heart rate, rucking will do wonders for your cardio.

Looking back to the days when people used to hunt for food. Gatherers used to carry loads on their back while hunters used to reserve running for hunting.

Back then people were in peak conditions and I believe rucking can get you back to that physical state.

Simple to Start

All you need is a rucking backpack and some weights to begin rucking. It is simply because you may already have the requirements to begin rucking.

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Plus, you need to have dependable shoes since you will be walking for long distances. It’s a good workout for everyone and it benefits those who come from a remote areas with no access to a gym.

Going to the gym requires you to pay a monthly fee or a daily fee depending on your subscription.

Rucking is free to start because you only need to buy a backpack if you don’t have any something I find hard to believe.

Most people have backpacks so it’s up to you and your appetite to get fit. I invested in a rucking backpack because most backpacks cannot carry heavy loads.

I would recommend rucking to people who want to get fit but do not have the adequate resources to begin training.

Improves Your Mood, Sleep and Health

I want you to imagine yourself on the treadmill walking with your backpack. How would it feel? I bet it would burn through some calories and still make you work up a sweat.

That’s not the whole point of rucking, because it is an outdoor activity that seeks to lift your mood of being outdoors.

There is so much more benefit from rucking 60lbs outside than indoors, so try it on both ends and see which one feels better.

Exposure to sunlight adds to your vitamin D which helps your body absorb more calcium, leading to stronger bones.

You don’t have to run; you don’t have to row to keep your heart rate and strength up.

Rucking offers extra resistance because it forces your back, legs, core, and shoulders to put in an extra shift while walking. It’s a good cardio exercise and it will not add as much pressure on your knees as running does.

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Insurance Policy for Back Health, Posture, and Hip health

As you get older, mobility issues and the ability to walk diminish. The downward regression is a result of loss in muscle mass and stability in the back, hip, and spinal erectors.

Rucking with 60lbs is a reasonable weight and in my experience, it creates a solid foundation for your later stages in your life.

You get to build and maintain muscle strength that will help you become mobile in your old age.

I know I’m not already there yet but rucking at this age gives me an advantage when I get older because it reduces the chances of injury.

Rucking is a form of strength training because loading your backpack with weights builds strength and increases durability.

Once you put down your backpack you feel lighter, move quicker and your posture will be much better.

Final Thoughts

Is rucking with 60lbs good for you? As described above it shows rucking is good for your body. I believe it will transform your body and you will feel more internal effects such as your heart health.

Your blood circulation will improve because your heart health is at its peak. You will have more functional effects than aesthetic benefits because rucking doesn’t focus on one body part.

Now that you know rucking is good for you, it’s time to start rucking. First, you need to consult a physician to establish how much weight you can ruck.

You don’t begin rucking 60lbs on your first day, it is a gradual project that you should start with reasonable weight as you work your way up. You could even get to 100lbs if your body is up to the challenge.