What is a Rucking Club?

A rucking club is made up of a group of people who have come up with the idea of rucking together to cover some miles they have agreed on.

A rucking club is all about getting out, getting connected to all kinds of people you meet on your way, getting active, and having fun.

You don’t necessarily have to ruck to cover the distance you ought to, but you can ruck while engaging in some kind of work. Many rucking clubs come up with specific reasons for rucking.

They might partner with a given organization to have a regular service project of cleaning or offering other types of help within the community as they ruck.

Other rucking clubs decide to ruck for just working out and others to have fun. Many people might choose rucking because it involves walking, which gives one a chance to converse with club members on certain topics that might be of help when you are all walking at the same pace.

You can become a member of a rucking club by joining already existing clubs, or you can decide to form a new one. If you join an already existing ruck club, you are allowed to start with less weight than experienced ruckers.

It is easy to start a rucking club. The following are the steps you can follow when coming up with a rucking club.

1. Finding a Hobby That Will Push You

Finding a hobby that will push you to engage in such a workout will help you desire to do certain workouts and finally fall in love with rucking.

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2. Finding Several People Who are Interested in Rucking

You have to look for people with a common interest as you. If you get people who are not serious with what you are about to do, then they might end up not moving with you up to the last mile.

Then before you begin, you might have to plan on what to do during rucking, like if you aim to do community work.

With the help of one or a few people, it is easy to plan on that because, as we all know, many hands make work easier.

3. Having Public and Private Social Media Groups

Creating private groups, for example, on Facebook and inviting people to join will make your work easier in finding members of your rucking club.

Talking about it on public pages is very useful to capture the attention of those who might be interested in joining.

The public page is also essential in that after the rucking club has been formed, all the information about the events happening and the time they ought to happen is displayed here, where it is accessible to everyone.

4. Jump into Action

As soon as you have your rucking club in order, the next thing you should do is plan on what time is convenient for every member of the group. You might agree on doing it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is where you should decide on the distance to cover.

5. You Should all be Consistent

Consistency is always the key to everything. Unless you are away with an apology, then you should be a good teammate and follow the rules that have been set.

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If you are rucking for workouts, it will not be of any help if you are not consistent. Therefore, you have to be consistent for your rucking to bear fruits.

6. Be a Good Timekeeper

When you all plan to meet at a certain time, it is wise to show up. Being a good timekeeper shows that you are dependable. Thus, you can easily be trusted and successfully manage your own time.


What is a rucking club?

A rucking club is a group of people that come together with a common idea of rucking for a given distance or certain miles.

You can be a member of a rucking club by either joining an existing one or forming your own rucking club.

The following are the easy steps to follow in coming up with a rucking club;

  • Finding a hobby that will bring you closer to liking rucking.
  • Find several people interested in joining the club and agree on the essential things to achieve in rucking.
  • Create a public and private social media group that will help you find those people interested in joining your club.
  • Jump into action. The main thing is to have a rucking club. When it is already formed and everything is set, it is time to go ahead and start rucking.
  • Be consistent since consistency is the key to achieving your goals.
  • Be a good time manager. You should be on time when the time is set to start rucking to help you achieve your desired goal.