9 Things To Wear Whilst Rucking

When working out, comfortability is the key. Head-to-toe gear estimates the time you will spend rucking because it has either positive or negative effects on your body that can lead to bruises or, worst cases, wounds.

I love the fitting, and comfortable workout wears since they reduce pressure, and you can ruck stress-free for a regular or sometimes extended routine.

This article will major on the head-to-toe attire you should wear while rucking.

Head-to-toe attires

  • Headgear
  • Shirt
  • Jacket
  • Rucksack
  • The plate
  • Pants
  • Belt
  • Socks
  • Shoes


I love a quality hat that is sturdy and, at the same time, breathable. These hats come in different sizes and fabrics.

Always pick a fitting, not too small or too big, with excellent coverage over your head.

For the fabric, I love wearing a camouflaged hat during hunting and hiking; it complements nature.

For normal rucking with your friends and family around the home perimeter, I will always advise you to go for the canvas construction hat.

The reason behind wearing a quality hat, it offers protection against the following:

  • Mud
  • Rain
  • Direct sunlight
  • Sweat

I am sure you do not want unnecessary stress on your face; it is very uncomfortable.

Importance of a hat

  • For you, who are affected by direct sunlight, hats reduce the chances of having a headache or a migraine
  • In the military, your hair is kept short at all times, and a hat keeps the UV lights away, so you get to experience less itching on the scalp
  • Mud can be uneasy and embarrassing; these caps save you from all that
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I always consider the following before picking a shirt;

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Material

I prefer shirts that are fitting and breathable and those that can dry up very fast when it’s summer.

During winter, you are allowed to add a base layer shirt; this will help retain your body temperature during rucking.

When hiking, go for camouflaged or not bright shirts; it also saves you when doing laundry; it is easy to remove stains.

A black shirt can be stressful when the degrees are up under the sun during summer.
Orange is my favorite in such cases. I highly recommend it.


I wouldn’t say I like winter, but I am fond of this season when rucking, especially during hiking.

A jacket is highly advised to retain your body heat during these low temperatures.

This is because you get to avoid diseases like:

  • Cold
  • Pneumonia
  • Respiratory illnesses

These diseases will slow you down, and it might take time to heal and get back to normal, which equates to more time needed to reach your goal in rucking.

I am writing out of the experience; unfortunately, you learn the hard way in some cases.


Backpacks determine the amount of weight you will carry on your back.

Always Choose a rucksack designed for durability, comfortability, and functionality, as it eases your rucking journey by about 50%.

I highly suggest you pick a fitting bag with adjustable straps. Before purchasing one, make sure it can carry up to the weight that measures your rucking goal.

I once had a bag that made my rucking routine during a hike hell. After about 30km of hiking, its zippers broke and busted open, and straps started tearing from the edge; it was hectic.

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When you are rucking for the first time, pick fewer heavy plates, and as you proceed, the urge to add more will be undefeated.

Adding more weight as you continue rucking is allowed but in bits, not at once. It will help you not strain your body as a beginner.

Too much weight as a newbie can have the following effect on your body:

  • Muscle cramps
  • Tearing of somebody’s tissues
  • Can cause nerve compression injury
  • Improper posture
  • Back pain


I always pick ranger pants when hiking because they are super light (they dry pretty fast) and strong enough (they can withstand harsh terrain).

Cargo pants blend well with military activities. They are hard and designed to endure tough moments.


Belts are lifesavers; apart from supporting loose waist pants, I consider them as drawers; you get to attach to them like a torch. I prefer quality nylon belts because they are strong and dry very fast.


Socks absorb sweat well, which is why I like them. Wearing them offers a well-dry performance during military activities and hiking. Always invest in quality durable socks.


Your lower limb tends to support all the weight during rucking. Invest in quality waterproof hiking boots for your feet to make the whole rucking process easier.

They will save you from blisters and wounds that will keep you from rucking in the worst cases.

Ensure those with lace-up are adjustable and the sole is made of rubber; they last longer than other boots, saving you a fortune.

9 Gears to wear while rucking

The following are head-to-toe attire worn when rucking;

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They offer protection from dirt, swear and direct sunlight.


Absorbs swear and dry up quickly.


They offer protection against cold, especially during winter.


A quality backpack enables you to regulate the weight you want.

The plate

They are of different loads, and they are the ones that impact the whole rucking process.


Fitting pants makes the rucking and hiking less stressful.


They support loose waist pants and other times used as a drawer to other gears like a torch


Quality socks absorb swear, considering your feet tend to be sweaty during rucking.


Comfortable shoes will save you from blisters and, in worst cases, wounds, especially when worn in small sizes.