4 Reasons Why Rucking Is So Hard

Rucking is a vigorous activity which I know requires co-ordination of several factors to be effective.

Following these rules could be challenging. That is what makes rucking so hard.

If you practice rucking in the right way, you will enjoy the benefits that include improved cardiovascular activity.

On the other hand, if you fail to practice rucking in the correct way, you will end up visiting a doctor due to back pain like I did when I started rucking.

Reasons you might find hard

In every military operation or exercise, I have been involved in, we are always trained to take charge of our mentality.

With the right mentality, you can do anything!

1. Most people ruck and experience back pain

When you ruck and experience back pain, it might be because you aren’t doing it right.

Doctors in the military recommend rucking for back and spine issues.

That only shows you that you can use rucking to overjump back pain.

What are some of the injuries you may experience as part of back pain?

I know four injuries you can experience if you ruck improperly;

  • Minor foot injuries
  • Nerve compression foot injuries
  • Stress fractures of the foot
  • Lower leg and ankle injuries

2. Rucking injuries

Rucking injuries might be another reason why you can find rucking so hard.

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The injuries are minor but can be a reason to discomfort even when not rucking.

What causes rucking injuries?

  • Individual physical factors

Each of us has a unique body type in terms of posture and biochemistry.

The rate at which an injury might occur is dependent on your musculoskeletal structures in which females have smaller frames making them at a greater risk of injury.

  • Level of the training intensity

When you ruck, ensure the weight you carry is lower than 10% of your body weight.

The risk of injury beyond that point is imminent.

  • Using low-quality rucking gear

A sign that your rucking gear is of low quality is when you experience physical discomfort.

You should have well-fitted boots. The bag used should distribute weight equally.

What are the ways you can Reduce Rucking Injuries?   

  • Preconditioning of the body

Ensure you condition your body for intensive exercise.

Carry out exercises to condition your body to rucking.

  • Ensure your feet are dry to reduce friction

To reduce friction and occurrence of blisters, ensure you double up your socks.

While in the military, I was told to wear nylon or polypropylene socks to reduce friction.

In case the socks are saturated, ensure you change them.

Foot hygiene will reduce the occurrence of injury.

  • Improve your fitness

Ensure you involve yourself in regular physical activity to improve muscle strength.

Physical activity helps to reduce injury as you ruck.

It is also advisable to reduce drug usage since it weakens muscle strength.

3. The Use of rucking equipment for the wrong purpose can make rucking hard.

  • Ensure you use your rucking gear in the right way
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Rucking gear is essential for you to maintain fitness and health.

Rucksacks if not used properly, can increase the risk of back pain.

The rucksacks should be worn in the middle of the back. They should not be loose on any side of the back.

If at any point you feel some discomfort ensure you address it by trying to adjust the rucksack.

When walking, ensure you maintain an upright posture.

Reduce the number of times that you take off the rucksack.

  • Use a Weighted Vest

Most of the people I have rucked with usually do not see the need to use a weighted vest.

A weighted vest can help reduce the pain. It is effective equipment.

4. When rucking does not immediately prove its results

Most people would want to see immediate results of the rucking in terms of loss of weight or even attain a certain body type.

It might discourage most people. It might be the reason why they find rucking hard.

What are some of the benefits of rucking?

  • It helps your heart

Rucking improves cardio-vascular activity by elevating your heart rate.

Rucking is considered better as compared to walking.

It improves all your body functions.

  • Rucking it burns more calories than just walking.

I know most people do not like running. Rucking should be your thing as you will burn the same amount of calories if run.

It will assist you to achieve the same goal within the same timeframe with slightly less effort.

  • Rucking is stressful to the body as compared to running.
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Running is known to put some stress on the knees.

Rucking, on the other hand, is less stressful to the body as it does not concentrate a lot of your body weight on the knees.

Rucking might be the best choice for people of old age who experience pain in the joints.


When rucking is done in the right way, it will lead to benefits that may assist you to achieve your body and health goals.